Welcome to the Eastern Massachusetts Hawk Watch (EMHW)

Board of Directors and Officers

Founded in 1976, EMHW is an all-volunteer, member-based organization whose mission is to promote the study, conservation and preservation of hawks locally and on a continental scale by monitoring migration in Massachusetts; to share data for research and conservation purposes; to promote education and awareness of the identification of hawks and the issues related to migrating hawks and to instill an appreciation for hawks in general. Interested in joining?




Our newest fundraiser is this handsome hot/cold cup, that is not only useful, but displays one of our EMHW logos, that was designed especially for us by Jackie Boucher, member extraordinaire!

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EMHW Magnet

This new and attractive magnet has been beautifully designed by Jackie Boucher, and can be used on your car or in your home or business to advertise EMHW and our web site. The spectacular Broad-wing image that appears on the magnet was taken by Shawn Carey, EMHW Vice President. It is available from any Board member (refer to Board member list under the "Club" page), by mail order, during our spring and fall hawk watches, or at our Annual Meeting on Friday, September 9, 2016.

Each magnet is $5.00 with free shipping. Requests may be sent to:

Eastern Mass Hawk Watch
P.O. Box 663
Newburyport, MA. 01950

Checks may be made out to: EMHW

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Spectacular Day on Mount Wachusett Hawk Watch - September 15, 2013

Photos & Video from
Sept 15, 2013 by
Dave & Ann Lynch

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Sihouette Guide
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Available at the 2016 EMHW meeting

Kevin Karlson


Friday, September 8, 2017
6:00 pm Social Hour &

700-9:00 pm Meeting & Keynote at the Woburn Elks Lodge.

Our keynote speaker will be

Kevin Karlson

Kevin Karlson is an accomplished birder, professional tour leader and wildlife photographer who has published many bird and nature related articles for magazines, books, and journals.

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WOBURN, MA. 01801.

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Big Day at Plum Island,
May 9, 2016

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Volunteer Counters Needed!

You now have the opportunity to make a substantial, enduring contribution to hawk migration studies and hawk conservation. For forty years, the Eastern Massachusetts Hawk Watch has been studying and monitoring hawk migration through eastern Massachusetts.

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Help Wanted

EMHW is looking for members that are interested in helping with the following.

Web site
Annual Meeting
Fall counters and assistants

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40th Anniversary
Founders Award

On September 9th 2016, members of EMHW celebrated the club's 40th Anniversary at the annual meeting held at the Woburn Elks Lodge. As founders, Paul and Julie Roberts were honored for their leadership...

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Sponsorship Certificate

Craig Jackson retired from the EMHW Board after over three decades of service, and he was also awarded..

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Phil Brown 2016



Want to know where and when the fall Hawk migration is taking place? Hawkcount will provide you with the latest tallies from sites all across the United States and Canada. Get the latest buzz from dedicated hawk watchers who brave the harshest elements to record the passage of thousands of Raptors, as they make their way south to their wintering grounds. Instantly, this priceless tool will bring you in tune with all birds of prey, as they journey to fulfill what Nature requires of them. Please, join in the fun at

United We Count by
Stephen Anderson

Originally published in:
"Bird Observer, Volume 40, No.4, 2012"

Photo Resources:

Great Hawk Photos!

Shawn Carey

Eric Smith

Alexander C. Couter

Boston Gyrfalcon

Newmarket, NH
Mississippi Kite

Photos from
Mt Watatic

Shawn Carey 2012
Images may not be reproduced without the permission of the photographer

WBZ - Interview
(opens with Quicktime)

Shawn Carey & Norm Smith's Interview With
WBZ's Dan Rea
September 7,2009

First successful breeding of Peregrine Falcons
on non-man-made structures in Eastern Massachusetts since their reintroduction.

By Craig Jackson

The story of the successful reintroduction of Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus) into the Northeast United States, including MA, has been well documented. 

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Eastern Massachusetts Hawk Watch, 2017
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