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Photographs of the hottest birds:

Rufous Hummingbird: On July 22 Mass Audubon's Wildlife Information Line received a report of a Rufous Hummingbird in Townsend, and the homeowner graciously allowed birders to visit. Enjoy photos from Jason Forbes and Justin Lawson.

BBC Pelagic Trip: The Brookline Bird Club's pelagic trip to Hydrographer Canyon on July 19 was, once again, very successful. Enjoy photos from John Hoye, Eric Nielsen, Peter Flood, Tom Johnson, and Jeremiah Trimble.

Zone-tailed Hawk: On July 8 Marcus Rhodes forwarded some photos to a friend - Zone-tailed Hawk at Cumberland Farms fields in Halifax. Astonishing! on April 25 a Zone-tail was seen off Chappaquiddick Island, and on June 1 there was one reported from Nova Scotia. Given the rarity of this species east of the Mississippi we have to wonder: same bird? Or is there something else going on?

Gull-billed Tern: On July 14 a Gull-billed Tern joined the tern show at Plum Island John Hoye and Suzanne Sullivan (who spotted TWO Gull-billed Terns) got photos.

White-winged Dove: On July 13 Liam Waters spotted a White-winged Dove in Newbury, and got managed a record photo.

Sandwich Tern: On July 10 Rick Heil spotted a Sandwich Tern on Plum Island. Photos also from Suzanne Sullivan Earlier in the month another Sandwich Tern, this one banded, was sighted at Nauset Marsh and Mary Keleher got photos (are there one or two birds - Mary compares her photos here?).

Yellow-nosed Albatross: On June 1, Jay Frontierro of the Seven Seas Whale Watch reported a Yellow-nosed Albatross.

Franklin's Gull: On June 10 Christian Gras reported a Franklin's Gull on Plymouth Beach.

Wilson's Plovers: On May 14 Keenan Yakola was surveying shorebirds on South Beach in Chatham with Matt Malin when he heard an unfamiliar call note. He turned around and was surprised to see a Wilson's Plover. The same day in Westport Paul Champlin photographed another! On May 22, Amanda Spears discovered another Wilson's Plover at Sandy Beach Reservation on Plum Island.

Fork-tailed Flycatcher: May 13 was rocking with migrants, but nothing compared to the Fork-tailed Flycatcher that was discovered by Alan Troutman at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. More photos from Mark Rosenstein, Justin Lawson, Jason Forbes, David Bernstein, Frank Lehman, Jeff Offerman, and Jeremiah Trimble.

Pink-footed Goose: On March 23 Larry Therrien discovered a Pink-footed Goose at the old Pilgrim Airport in the Hatfield and managed some confirmation photos. Larry got more photos on March 26 at Lake Warner in Hadley on March 26. Scott Surner posted photos on his Facebook page on March 25 on Roosevelt Road in Hadley, and Ben Lagasse on March 25 on Lake Warner in Hadley. Some folks comparing these photos speculate there are two birds!

Barnacle Goose: On March 3 Cheri Ezell called Mass Audubon with a report of a Barnacle Goose at Maple Farm Sanctuary in Mendon. Justin Lawson photographed it on March 8.

"Kamchatka" Mew Gull: On December 30, Patrick Dugan and Frank Gallo discovered a Mew Gull at Codfish Park on Nantucket. Vern Laux reports that it is likely to be the NE Russia race that some consider a separate species, the "Kamchatka" Gull. On New Years' Day Vern Laux relocated this gull between Codfish Park and Low Beach and photographed it. In addition to the Mew Gull photos, Vern included photos of a Little Gull, a Black-headed Gull, and a Red Phalarope at Low Beach.

MacGillivray's Warbler: On December 29, Mark Faherty discovered a MacGillivray's Warbler in Lakeville on the Taunton-Middleboro Christmas Bird Count. Les the compiler disbelieve him, he took photos!

Ross's Goose: On Christmas Day Phil Brown celebrated by discovering a Ross's Goose in Ipswich. John Hoye photographed it on December 27.

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