Eastern Mass Hawk Watch

INSTRUCTIONS for Recording and Reporting Hawk Count Data

TIME (STD) Eastern STANDARD Time:  weather and flight conditions at beginning of hour,
  sightings to the minute

1) bring: watch; thermometer; compass (if you have one); clipboard; this instruction sheet;


photocopies of Field Recording Sheet (or your own field notebook); pen with black ink;
binoculars; telescope (if you have one); field guide; water and food; folding stool;

layers of clothing; hat and sunscreen

2) report any recording time that is one hour or more

3) enter any weather values that you know, leave the rest blank - a partial report is better than none at all

4) if a weather value does not change, continue with a line drawn down from the hour before -

  don't use ditto marks or dashes

5) enter only the # of hawks seen - if there are none, leave it blank (no zeros)

6) if there is a kettle of mixed composition, try to get another observer to focus on the non-Broadwings

7) if you are uncertain of a species identification, record it as "Unid." Accipiter, Buteo, Eagle, Falcon,

  or Raptor

8) if a bird seems uncommon: take careful notes, discuss it among observers - subsequent identification

  might be possible, and you will learn from the experience

9) sex, age, and morph are potential entries for experienced observers

10) record non-raptor species seen migrating, such as geese, ducks, hummingbirds, Monarch butterflies

11) remember that negative information (no hawks seen) is just as critical as positive counts

12) summarize your data (total # of each species per hour) from the Field Recording Sheet onto a

  HMANA Daily Report Form (hard copy or Excel file)

13) mail paper DRF's promptly to Paul Roberts, 254 Arlington Street, Medford, MA 02155

  or email Excel files to phawk@world.std.com
  (keep the Field Recording Sheets for your own files)

your reports will be submitted to national raptor databases compiled by Eastern Mass Hawk Watch,

  NorthEast Hawk Watch, and the Hawk Migration Association of North America


Raptor species expected in the Northeast

  Turkey Vulture (TV)
  Osprey (OS)
  Bald Eagle (BE)
  Northern Harrier (NH)


Sharp-shinned Hawk (SS)
  Cooper's Hawk (CH)
  Northern Goshawk (NG)


Red-shouldered Hawk (RS)
  Broad-winged Hawk (BW)
  Rough-legged Hawk (RL)


American Kestrel (AK)
  Merlin (ML)
  Peregrine Falcon (PR)

DEFINITIONS for data forms on OTHER SIDE