Additional Online Resources on Hawks

Some of the best materials on hawk identification and migration are not available on the web, but many very helpful resources are available online.

Eastern-Massachusetts Information

Where to Go Hawkwatching

When to Hawkwatch

What's the Best Day to Go Hawkwatching in the Fall?

Some Thoughts on the Inland Flight in Fall


A guide to hawk-watching sites across North America and a database on the timing, magnitude, and composition of spring and/or fall migration at each site. The website provides daily reports along with monthly and seasonal summaries for many hawk-watch sites across the continent. Data for all regularly covered spring and fall sites in eastern Massachusetts since 2002, including daily breakdowns and monthly and seasonal summaries, are available on Hawk Count. 

Hawkwatching Organizations 

NorthEast Hawk Watch (NEHW)

Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA)

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

HawkWatch International

Raptor Population Index

Hawk Watch List Serv 

Birdhawk (HMANA)

Other Resources 


Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Peregrine Fund

Swarovski Optik 

Texas Soaring Assoc. 

Virtual Hawk Watch at The Virtual Birder

Zeiss Sports Optics

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