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ECOC Joppa Flats Bird Research Station Visit
Parker River National Wildlife Refuge
October 14, 2006

ECOC Members,

This morning the Essex County Ornithological Club [ECOC] visited the Bird Banding Station on Plum Island. The 15 participants, including a sixth grader, enjoyed the glorious, autumn morning and had

up-close looks at Brown Creepers, Golden-crowned Kinglets, Black-throated Blue Warblers, a Song Sparrow, an Ovenbird and a Northern Cardinal. The skilled, Joppa Flats Education Center's Bird Banding volunteers were welcoming, knowledgeable and shared so much. We focused on size, age, weight, plumage characteristics, sexing, external anatomy, skulling and assessments of fat stores. We observed the volunteers employing their extraction skills.

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Brown Creeper

Blue Warbler

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Special thanks to Bill Gette, Sanctuary Director, for this opportunity and to the volunteers, Janet Standley [Banding Station Manager], Deb Listernick and Liz Burton.

We look forward to this becoming an annual, fall event.

Best wishes,

Sue McGrath
President, Essex County Ornithological Club

A very special thanks to Paula McFarland for sharing her wonderful images!

"Click" on any image for a larger photo..


Song Sparrow


All Photos Paula McFarland